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E-Classroom inaugurated

MINICOY(17.7.12): Principal Mr. Aboosalah inaugurated the E-Classroom at Government Senior Secondary School Minicoy at a special assembly held on Saturday. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Iqubal, Lecturer and Secretary, Staff Forum said that this project of installing this smart class room in school was joint effort made by some of the tech-savvy teachers of this institution.In our fast-paced world with technology continuously progressing beyond the realms of science fiction, it is not surprising that some of this advanced technology is being utilized in our educational sector. Each passing year sees the creation of new and improved learning material, providing quality, accessible education that stimulates and intrigues young minds is the key to further development. E- Classroom, in a general sense, is a new constitution which integrates electronic areas and human interface as well as technology and traditional teaching methods to form an innovative, advanced, flexible learning environment. E-class rooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, and networking and audio/visual capabilities. Schools that contain smart classrooms report higher attendance and lower drop out rates than schools without smart classrooms. Students are challenged, engaged, and able to work more independently when using technology. Through the use of advanced E-Classroom technology learning is challenging. Learning is becoming easier and richer now that students today have access to new and different types of information. For example, instead of reading about the human circulatory system and looking at pictures of blood flowing through veins, using technology students can actually watch the process of oxygen entering the blood stream. The students will also get a chance to witness the latest developments in Physics like ‘God particle’ and BBC sponsored concert of Ustad Bismillah Khan and Evelyn Glennie with the help of this classroom.” Mr. Abdul Hakeem, Teaher in English and in charge of E-Classroom elucidated upon the significance of smart classroom.

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