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Minicoy- July 31:- The origins of surfing are at least 500 years old, and possibly even older, says Mr. Jack Hebner. Early Polynesian cultures developed the sport and brought it with them as they traveled throughout the Pacific, introducing it to missionaries and European explorers. Lest you think surfing is only for shaggy bumsCaptain Cook himself wrote about surfing in Hawaii on his voyages there. Early missionaries tried to repress surfing, but the sport continued to be practiced, and in the 1920s, it exploded in popularity, thanks to the work of Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian surfing legend, said Mr. Jack Hebner, Surfing Coach.
Mr. Jack Hebner, Surfing Coach, who came to India in 2002 and settled at Mangalore, running the National Surfing School with selected talented youths, both boys and girls and formed a 15 member team in India who are now graduated in surfing, he said. He has the privilege to have 120 surfing boys and girls in all over India during the last 10 years, he added. He used to visit Minicoy frequently during the last 3 years and selected 4 boys namely Siddique.Dathifanunge, Hassan.Bidharugoth, Sahid Ehavandugothi and Sainudheen Annarugothi as trainees. Mr. Sideeque is progressing very fast who is now able to do wake boarding for surfing. These boys are really talented and they have scope in future, revealed Mr. Jack Hebner, Surfing Coach.

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