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Minicoy- Aug 15:- The 66th Independence Day celebrated at Minicoy befittingly on 15.8.2012 in an unfavorable weather due to the Monsoon Rain. Programmes commenced with the Prabhadaberi organized by the Information & Public Relations Unit with the help of Aloodi Brothers Club at 6.30 AM. At sharp 9.20 AM Shri. Anoop Thakur Deputy Collector unfurled the National tri colour at Mini Stadium and received Rastriya Salute with National Anthem. Lakshadweep Police, IR Battalion and Coastal Police took part in ceremonial Parade.
In his Independence Day address Shri. Anoop Thakur expressed his greetings to all and reminiscenced the sacrifices of our freedom fighters, National Leaders and martyrs who laid down their lives for the sake of the Independence and sovereignty of the nation as well as to free India from the British Rule. He highlighted the dedicated services and contributions of all forces who safe guards the boundaries of India, Army Navy and Air force and other security forces.  He also requested the people to fight against the anti social elements and work hard for the unity and integrity of our great nation. He recalled the developmental activities took place in various fields since Independence in our nation especially in Lakshadweep and Minicoy.
Referring to the achievements, developments and welfare programmes implemented in Minicoy, he pointed out the actions and ongoing projects in various sectors such as Port Shipping and Aviation, Education, Health, LPWD, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Electricity, Science & Technology, Environment and Forests etc.
While concluding his address he expressed his sincere and heartfelt gratitude towards the wholehearted co-operation extended by the Panchayat functionaries both DP/VDP, Political leaders, Village Moopans and distinguished heads of institutions and their colleagues, Voluntary Organizations for their support and cooperation extended to the Administration in effectively implementing various welfare and developmental schemes of the Government. As true Indians, let us rejuvenate the spirit of patriotism, reaffirm our faith and pledge to dedicate ourselves to the cause of the nation, he said. 
Two Senior Citizens of Minicoy namely Shri. Malege Bodu Ibrahimkaka-90, Bada Village Smt.Kadha Athirikoluge Uthurufarathuge-84, Kendiparty Village were honoured by distributing Cash Awards of Rs.2500/- each and mementoes by the Deputy Collector by visiting their respective houses after in the ceremonial function as a part of celebrating Independence Day. Ramzan Kits were distributed to all in the function as a token of Holy Ramzan immediately after the ceremonial function.

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